Thursday, October 24, 2013

Upcoming Art Shows/Open Houses

Greetings Fine Folk, apologies for the absence!

This won't do much to alleviate that, as time is short. Try considering this a post card rather than a blog post.

Dear Reader,
Truly sorry I didn't pick up that ANIMALS OF PENNSYLVANIA postcard in the rest stop (camo border, yes!), but maybe you also have a soft spot for the Liberty Bell. The drive was long, but fine* -- the mountains and foliage were gorgeous {*fine, because Javier did most of the driving, holla!}. It was wonderful to reminisce and reconnect with my family, and give Javier a little look-see around Philly. No time for him to pull a Rocky pose in front of the art museum, but in Pittsburgh we were compelled to take pictures of ourselves seated on a red divan, below a portrait of Warhol seated on a red divan. Thank goodness for jumbo postcards, right? Thank you, too, for watering my plants and for dismissing the sounds in the basement. Next time I'll bring back Tastykakes.


And now, back in Michigan, following the fastest-ever Summer, Fall seems to have lasted a week or so before unceremoniously dumping us on the doorstep of Winter. It fell below freezing the night before last, the radio murmured about rain/snow and this very afternoon, I saw flakes drift idly down as I gazed past my laptop screen, through the cafe window. My office is moving into a renovated building, but just as the renovations have been protracted, so too has the moving in part. I'm sure they are making great strides, etc. etc.; the second day on my loaner laptop was ever so much better than the first, when nothing seemed to work. Now, mostly everything works just fine, except for a little ghost-in-the-machine which hops my cursor back into the middle of words I have already typed and paragraphs I have already completed. Who doesn't love glitchy technology? But soon, very soon, we shall be back in an office proper and all shall be well (right?).

Outside of work, it is quite busy-busy. So let's get down to it. Brief answers to two key questions.

1.) What have I been up to? 

Now: listening to new sound cancelling headphones, though there don't (seem to be) any noises in the house, plus unearthing important things from closet corners (best yet: bags of dozens and dozens of cloth and kid gloves worn by my Grandmother).

Detail from newest in Cakeasaurus Project
Targeted cupcakes, inked block
Targeted cupcakes, indigo test print
Mobile making at the "What have I done?" stage

2.) Where will these new prints be? 

October (Dexter): This Sunday, Oct. 27th. I am returning to sell prints at Art on the Farm, in Dexter, Michigan (in its tenth year! Nice Ann Arbor profile here.)10AM-4PM, rain or shine. Photography, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, blue grass music, gnoshy bits, cider, all make for a fine Sunday :)Visit the Facebook page for more details.

November (Ann Arbor):I am happy as always to join the artists at Jeanne Joesten's Art Open House, in Ann Arbor, just off Scio Church Friday, Nov. 22nd (4-8PM) and Sunday Nov. 24 (I want to say 11-5, but need to doublecheck on this score -- will update once we have a postcard). I have some snaps from last year in this post (scroll halfway down, went dancing the night before ;))

December (Detroit): Have you checked out Detroit Mercantile yet? Just off Eastern Market in Detroit, the Mercantile is filled to the gills with character, Detroit pride, and entrepreneurial spirit, with curious and quaint nods to our shared past...Walk past the made-to-order denim, reproduction Corktown maps (1923), polyglot baby blocks, Shinola watches and bicycles...  and if you're lucky, you can peek into their back 'room,' a tidy word for such a wealth of space! They could house giraffes in there. Rebuild a plane or raise an army of stiltwalkers. None of which they seem to be doing, mind. But they WILL be hosting their second Merry Market event on (Sat & Sun, December 14th-15th) and I'm excited to join the roster. Make a day of it! Swing by the Eastern Market, score a reuben at Russell Street Deli, you know, make it so I can justify buying one of Silent Giant's Jack White posters...Hah! All in the holiday spirit. See also Detroit Mercantile's Facebook.

Happy Fall to Everyone! Nifty quote, to help you on your way:

“Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” 

Music pioneer Brian Eno on art, in excerpts from his diaries -- I'm not sure where I got this from, but a good guess is BrainPickings.