Saturday, December 14, 2013

All Hail the Wekend! Wherein I am Two Places at Once

About ten minutes away from Javier's house in Detroit last night, I keenly felt the lack of my freshly laundered tablecloths in the car. I felt a wave of panic rising and total aggravation. I glowered at the steering wheel and grimly fumbled with my phone. Javier talked me out of what seemed the only course of action: driving all the way back to Ann Arbor, and then back to Detroit again. "No. We'll go to a Meijer's." This seemed ridiculous. I needed my tablecloths. They were the right amount of color and quiet; good amount of interplay with the woodblock prints. On the average day, you may not think about tablecloths that much. But then try setting up a table at a fair, and the tables, they're ugly as sin (your own, or the craft host, either way). You can't leave them bare. And what's going to be available? Some vinyl nightmare? But sense won out. Javier's a decisive sort.

And this morning (at 6:30 AM), it came together. The display possibly a little motley, but not much more than usual. And look, here we all are at Merry Market in Detroit, in the event space of Detroit Mercantile on Russell Street, right by Eastern Market. Despite the snow outside, there has been a steady stream of shoppers since around 9:20 (started at 9, woohoo!).

If you're nearby/adventurous/in need of presents/yearning for wall art, I encourage you to stop by. Do say hello! I am mixed on typing on a laptop during a show -- but it seems to be 6 of one/half dozen -- I don't want to be inattentive, but then again, some people are hesitant about entering booth areas. Better to pretend you're not entirely there. So for those, let my laptop serve as a shrub.

This weekend is the last time I'll be out and about selling in person, for awhile, so I'm hoping for a good one! Many sales to make way for new artwork, for the New Year!

And, if you're all, "I'm in *Ann Arbor*/Ypsi/Chelsea/etc for heaven's sake, I'm not driving out to Detroit!" then you're still in luck! I highly recommend the Granger Art Open House tomorrow (Sunday).
Perhaps acting and song would do more to get you in the spirit? I am excited to see Woodward Wonderland by Mosaic Youth Theate tonight, but you could even take in a matinee showing -- and visit the DIA, to boot! (this weekend only)...