Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hail! To the Muppets Valiant! Hail! To the Conqu'ring Heroes! Hail! Hail!

Well, this is exactly the wrong time to begin a post. Because I find that blogging time is like photoshop time -- suddenly 45 minutes or an hour has passed without notice -- and other things have been shoved back. And for the couple readers who don't live within a five mile radius, I'll let you in on this: the gargantuan Univ. of Mich. stadium is full to the gills with football fans, in varying states of inebriation.

Last night when I wandered downtown, behemoth chartered doubledecker buses rolled through intersections and cheesy dance music blared from fan regalia stores. Maize and blue clothing ambled along, finished with dinner drinks, ready for drinks-drinks. Small packs of young, amped-up guys strode past teeming restaurants, gesturing broadly to each other as their eyes roved the crowd.

This morning we have Facebook posts on "Hail to the Victors" and smack talk that sails easily over my head. The key thing here: the scurrying time is almost at hand. Game starts at noon. The safe time to travel is noon-two, approximately. Otherwise, the snarl! Of traffic! The sea of color-matched people trudging in front of your car, tempting you in extreme cases to nudge forward and just give a little bump -- just a little! -- because they won't stop coming, even though it was your turn a loooooong time ago. And underneath that, frustration with yourself. Because you knew and yet you defiantly left your house at an inopportune time. Certain highway exits are closed, certain streets are barricaded off (like the one to your favorite grocery store). So.

In any case, I slept in super late, just finished a luscious Thanksgiving cheesecake breakfast (with the sourcream topping! kudos to the cheesecake-indifferent baker!) and am waiting on a fresh pot of coffee before facing the world outside my wee ranch house.

Finally listed a couple of the print collages on their wooden panels:

i like how the white paint shows through the mulberry paper

But otherwise, my main activity has been lollygagging. Some gingerbread house dough. Chocolate marnier balls. defrosting pounds of butter.

From NPR site; Fresh Air interview with Segel.
But WAIT!! THIS JUST IN: Confirmation of Muppets viewing, this evening. Tickets secured. Action plan established. Finally! It will be stupid and silly and clever and endearing and great! I already know they do a cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Hah! The Muppets franchise has been busy with their facebook status updates as well. In addition, we have...

  • The Muppabet, created by designer David Vordtriede (h/t Ginger!)
  • "Our World" (from Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, do you remember?), as performed by My Morning Jacket.
  • Crazy favorites OkGo revamping the Muppet Show theme song
  • Terry Gross interviews Jason Seigel and Nick Stoller. Haven't listened yet, but am looking forward to it
  • Lastly, I felt the need to check out their fan site, since I used to be an official fan club member. They made you choose your favorite; I chose wrongly. Animal was never my favorite. The traffic to this site is low-to-moderate at 25K unique visitors a month. Their wiki site is much more popular, at close to 125K.  
Bahhhh, I can barely stand it! Happy Saturday!

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