Sunday, March 25, 2012

New woodblock, continued


Mellow weekend ended with more carving, visiting with Maestra and walking about downtown. I think this design will be done shortly, though haste isn't a primary goal. The fact that it's part of a larger project is perhaps pushing it along -- I have neglected it for the past 6 weeks, and now am so happy to be back at it. Sketches have been hanging out on my dining room table and taped to the walls, egging me on to begin work again. While I relegated the assorted drawing papers to the study, with some resignation, I expect the carving and subsequent printing to invigorate me...
Inevitably, between yesterday and this morning, I noticed the first big mistake -- the upper B was lopped clear off. All hail the first mistake! Bound to happen anyway, and now there's zero chance for it to be pristine. A flimsy, yet persistent ideal sails out the window...and it brings a certain freedom.

This morning, I focused on the frosting:

Good Night and Happy Week, All!

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