Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FestiFools 2012

Sunday marked a full, successful studio day, followed by a hustle back to Ann Arbor for the sixth annual FestiFools parade. Everybody and her mother (not my mother, though she now has her very own digital camera, woohoo!) was out taking snaps, so it's highly likely you have already seen some snaps. Well, here are more. I climbed a wire chair outside of Starbucks and pretty much remained at my station the whole time.

I don't know why the panda king was in shackles

Lots of dogs. Particularly cute one...

The tiger was one of my favorites.

But why the business-gnome on the hind quarters?

Disgruntled parrot

Two-headed dragon

Carnivorous Blooms Unite!

RARRRRWWWRRR With My Four Teeth!!

Owl, conferring with parrot. Latter, still irritated.

Wobbly house, shaky foundation

Pursued by baby carnivorous plant

Celebrity Spotting: Betty Rubble

Evil, yet fashionable

Narwhal, in need of dentistry
Baby bear, raccoon
I'd wear that.
You'd wear that.

Anxious to see. So many tall people. So, so very true.

See how fast? Next frame, barely a glimpse of green on the left
And yet! Moments later, zooming from the other direction!

Supermen behind the shrubbery.
Fairies Held Aloft
...And done for the day.

Even more pix here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cakeasaurus/sets/72157629734911647/

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