Friday, November 16, 2012

Tinkering, Audio Passers-by, Open House

Hello, My People.

The very few of you who stop by, since I have become stoopid sporadic and...what? It has been a nonstandard year for me, which is, in itself a ridiculous thing to say. Who reaches this age and still has faith in a "standard year" ? I'm not decrepit, loathe to call myself old, as others of my age (almost proudly) do, when they have a certain number of accomplishments...and yet, yes I have my sh*t together and do not suffer fools lightly. I will suffer fools a bit, to see if they'll say anything interesting I could write about, or spin into tales for like-minded souls. And sometimes this deliciously happens, but as likely as not, at this point, I lack the time to even write about it. Which is a bit of backhanded bragging, isn't it? OMG, I'm SO busy, I'm SO in demand. Hah. Not really. Perhaps I need to work on my time management skills.

In any case, I have some new people throwing music my way, which is always good, as I always have music on, and it's best to introduce the new. Work buddy turned me onto "Global Concepts" by Robert DeLong today (which, my Curly Girl, you'll relish as it's rather Hot Chip) and I have been compelled to listen to repeatedly. Another fine person told me about seeing Amanda Palmer in concert this week and now I can't stop listening to "Bottomfeeder. I had *no* idea how cool she was, I missed the concert and apparently she's A.) a total bad-ass and B.) she's married to Neil Gaiman of graphic novel "Sandman" (high school swoon) and "The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish" fame.

I think, as well, this would be the time to note that I'm oh-so-very-privileged to be swimming amongst creative people, even though I, personally, have not grown oh-so-tremendously in 2012. See also: "busy, non-standard year." To wit -- this Art Open House that I set up at this evening. There are so many things I'd love to claim for my own, from this talented group. Beauty is enhanced, once you are aware of the hands which have brought it into being.

So: back at the ground level: I'm bringing pesto vermouth dip tomorrow night and will be wandering around, all covetous. If you're local, I highly encourage you to swing by! For some reason my sweet little Apple does not wish to download attachments, so I can not share the proper online flyer. Here's a snap of roughly the same info. Stop by, drink a little wine, nibble a savory, claim a tile or painting or pastel for someone else or yourself...
Some things I have readied for the show:

More Llama repetitions! They still capture me. I really have fun with them.
This past week, it was wonderful, heady to dwell in the variations in ink.

A very few Llama, Adorned have made it to wooden planks!
Pit stop at Left Hand Brewery. Hello. You far surpass the new Fat Tire in my fridge. 
New cards, with glare. I fancy the utensil cards.
More wee cards, lazily uncropped.
Bird-Don't-Like-You Birds, on a friendly panel.
Perhaps prompted by the "glare" a couple lines back, I suddenly recalled the wonderful words of Irish poet Seamus Heaney,

"Me waiting until I was nearly fifty
To credit marvels. Like the tree-clock of tin cans
The tinkers made. So long for air to brighten,
Time to be dazzled and the heart to lighten."

Get your hands on an audio recording, to hear him, his talent, insight, and accent, if you can....

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