Thursday, December 13, 2012

Part the Second: DO go see Appleseed Collective

So, um, now we arrive at what I meant to share, in case one of my local readers may be persuaded. If you have been this patient, maybe you will also be swayed. Mwahaha.

A few weeks back, I met up for friends at the most pleasant Midnight Madness in my recent history. It's one of those nice buy local, get festive events, which I often wander about, but am (apologies) rarely inspired by. I usually have most of my present by then and it's usually (like last year), frigid cold and one is huddling and irritable. If you're me. But this time around the weather was perfect: cold enough to be brisk, not so cold that your forehead wanted to clatter off your face like a rock ledge with a pivotal crack.

And Chris Roberts-Antieau had a pop-up gallery on 4th Avenue, with the fresh-faced Appleseed Collective playing in their store window. Somehow it's even more fun to swing by this Michigan-based globally known textile artist's place once you have also had the opportunity to check out her gallery in News Orleans (photos still on my little ole laptop which oh-so-thankfully does not eat every third line of text, much less hundreds of photos). It behooves me to mention this NOW, because the Appleseed Collective was ever so fun in a nice Django Rheinhardt kind of bluegrassy way and is playing AGAIN tomorrow night -- which is to say FRIDAY night, for free at the popup gallery on 4th -- from 8:30-11 PM. Lucky you! Go see them! They are playing a group Holiday Show this Saturday at the ark, but it is already SOLD OUT, so clearly, you should just saunter on down. Sine the artist has a love of mixing high and low art, the snacks followed suit, It was surprising how I took to red wine and cheetos. Cheetos, how I have missed you and your glowing orange detritus! 

next store at Aunt Agatha's

Before the place got hopping.

Bird bones in foreground, Humanzee and Killed by Their Creations in the background.

Bonus treat: the artist left her sketchbooks out. I leafed through but felt like I was spying.

Nightmare tree, made of exploded Xmas dreams past
Bad Dog Art Gallery

Lincoln Corner in Back!

Appleseed Collective in Front

Great voice + gorgeous steel guitar
Yay, washboard!

More than a passing resemblance to Andrew Bird, non?

Love this one. But my FAVORITE is this one.

Everyone's lunchbag puppets should be so festooned.

Everyone's address book should be so festooned.

...And outside, we had a fire thrower. Associated with Tickled Fancy, who also performed?

We worried she would set her hair on fire.

She did. But she was blase about it. Her relations, less so.

Let's end on an incendiary note, shall we? No fireworks, to report otherwise...


  1. Love your fire photos. And quite by accident last week I found that a clove of roasted garlic speared with a cheeto is appetizer tray worthy - and even considered bringing it to the next party (but I don't think most people are as fond of garlic as I).

  2. garlic speared with cheetos, I am frightened and intrigued. I'm sure there would be enough garlic lovers to justify it! I remember (also new adult stage) when I was new to fresh garlic and sharing a house on Adams st., one of my favorite breakfast things was scrambled eggs with crushed garlic and cream; a non-cook roommate wandered downstairs and said,"That's the first time garlic has ever woken me up."

  3. The cheez-dust-coated-puffed-cornstarch snack is popular in Sweden-- I was glad to find it here!

    Where is this gallery? (I mean, is there a store that it used to be?) The interior looks familiar... but I suppose much of Ann Arbor is brick and ductwork.

  4. Hi! It's on 4th ave. between Aunt Agatha's and some other newer businesses -- same block as Sotini's sub shop. I don;t remember what was in that space before.Only there through the December 20th, so you know, fly here tomorrow ;) While you be attending another straw goat burning event this year?

  5. Thanks for sharing :-)