Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday, Random Sunday

I can't stop eating double chocolate malted milk balls and I can't stop listening to Thao & the Get Down Stay Down,* following their surprising set at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival** on Friday night. I also have been incapable of getting off the interwebs this fine Sunday, between the shocking Philip Seymour Hoffman passing, emails, other assorted randomness (the finest of which is videos from new favorite Emily Graslie, at the Field Museum: Owls!). I heard on FB that Toyota used the Muppets in their Superbowl ad (meh), and have already seen Doberwawa commercial, so I think I'm set on that score. Though I'll certainly check out the superbowl ad digests when they circulate around tomorrow.

*Follow up: you may be wondering, as I was: who's Valerie Bolden? Interesting article here.

from Houston Press blog
** Of course, the most, most important reason for going was NEKO CASE, who was the bomb, as ever. "Oh," said Javier after the performance, "I think I get it a bit more now," by which he meant the mild obsession//starry-eyed hero worship. Talented, jaunty, mildly raunchy, with her bad-ass sexiness and bizarro most-distracting-ever pants -- which apparently are a tour favorite (House of Blues: Houston).

And now, what everyone has been waiting for, this Sunday, February 2nd: Sherlock.*

*Plus, more chocolate malt balls.

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