Sunday, January 24, 2016

Syrup? Never heard of it.

Brunch or not to brunch?
Asking marks an easy life
French toast in bathrobes.

The baby is about to realize she's really hungry again, and I had better get on that french toast before this happens. But Javier is currently mesmerizing her with classic Sesame Street on the ipad. I heard him saying, "Elll-mo! That's Elmo! Elmo." a little bit ago, and I didn't think we were trying to create an Elmo fan, though you could argue within a given age set, Elmo may be a given. You could also argue that Elmo has no place in classic SS, and I'd agree with you. But it may be somewhat mashed together, I haven't checked it out yet (Right now, it's definitely more classic: "I loooooooove trash!"). I may have enough time to make some bacon, if the little one doesn't see me sneak past on the way to the kitchen. A good way to continue your Sunday #hidingfromthebaby

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