Friday, February 26, 2016

Naps Are Supposed to be Quiet: Current Escapism

Fuel: Retro Jauntiness from Helen Dardik and Swedish Ingela P. Arrhenius. I was initially sucked in because of melamine plates bearing their designs, order justified by the need to court good design taste in la Bebe. This wound up being a failed order* from a UK business -- lost international package -- and I sadly got a refund, while the items went out of stock.
Helen Dardik cups from the KidWho
Huset ("your house for modern scandinavian living") looked to be a good U.S. source for the aforementioned melamine plates, but then the dropdown selections are way less than the pictured selections, guh. Still fun browsing, including disturbing ragdolls.
*I have been having poor luck with online businesses these days -- I also got sucked into buying some baby clothes from using a Facebook discount on February 9th (most orders ship in 2-3 business days, haha!) When I contacted them last week, I was informed one item had gone into backorder -- did they notify me? No. But ok, I reset my patience meter. Supposedly available on the 22nd...and nothing. I wanted to love them. I was primed to love them. Seemingly nice, basic designs, in good, solid colors. But 26th and here's what I got: bupkis.
can't comment on veracity, but I do love Jon Stewart
Printmaker Alexis Snell, courtesy all my Instagram browsing while I wait for the Baby to go to sleep. Get a sense of her...sensibility through Pickled Ink; along with Poison and "Plan your outfit for every occasion," you'll see Lady Luck, from her playing card series... but you'll only learn from Instagram that Snell thought she was done with the series, only to realize she forgot the tens. Bahh.

Escapism: latecomer to Bletchley Circle -- can't quite get away from those serial killers! --but also here: former female codebreakers, now dealing with business-as-usual post-war. In the area? Go visit Bletchley Park!

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