Saturday, July 23, 2016

Art Fair Stroll Sans Stroller: Surprises on Main Street

Initially you're texting as you walk down Main, approaching this section as your "waking up" portion of art fair. Your friend is hiding in her house, away from the heat; you offer to buy her a leather fanny pack, but she demurs ("-only if it has a bird or a flower on it!") You mocked them, but the joke's on you. The non-fanny pack bags at KT Leather Designs feature strong, solid colors, contrasting zippers, and clean lines; the closer you look, the better they become. Especially the cleverly designed double triangle bag, if you're in the market for a go-to purse. Booth D178.

Surely you know someone who needs dinosaur pottery? I'm in a hard position with this medium: I love it, but have so little space for it. Figure out someone to buy these for. Keith Hershberger, Booth D187.

Ayyyyand, most exciting! At the other end of Main, Detroit-based Corbe is brand new to the fair, but have already snagged an Award of Excellence. Ceramic as simple and beautiful as smooth river stones. My favorite: black speckle glaze. Also on their website: United States in plates. Booth 323.

the dalmation vase wouldn't take up much room

...And with that it's time for a dip into Literati before hitting other areas. You pass through a ragged man's monologue loop at the intersection: "...Spiced meat, well we all need body parts. You're not taking mine-" and feel relieved by the more inane art fair overheards ("...Ohhhh, can't we get ONE more dragonfly thing?")


  1. I felt that burn! I do like that black glaze...

    1. hahahaha, awww not really a burn. It was hot, no judgment! I bought the wee vase. Oyo thinks it's a ball.She's getting more and more handsy, it's dangerous! She can reach things on the dining table edge.