Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pop Quiz, People. One-Two, Sharpen your Pencils.

There's something rotten in:

B.) the economy
C.)my life, generally
D.) something beyond the produce drawer, as those itsy gnats won't go away
E.) all of the above

On my walk I noticed:

A.) a chipmunk, bounding like a squirrel or wee deer
B.) acorns the shade of Granny Smith apples
C.) gnomes of larger stature, across from the house of 20 gnomes (better nutrition)
D.) rankness wafting from the center line
    --> there's something rotten in...
E.) white lilies in the neighbor's yard, that smell like my Mom's
F.) you know. Too much, too little.

I am so tired I could:

A.) cry
B.) impulsively buy a children's book on nifty words with fabulous graphics, from the grocery store, to console myself
C.)  impulsively buy a children's book on Wayne Thiebaud, from the grocery store, to console myself
D.) frown and shake my head at the phone as it rings, thinking: Bad idea.
E.) punch someone, ineffectually. Kicking better? Or flogging.
F.) Woohoo!....meh.

If I were currently a food, I'd be:

A.)bitter chocolate
B.) a marzipan pig, forgotten behind the sofa (shout out!)
C.) a Kraft cheese single, in a tidy cellophane wrapper
D.) that large, unidentifiable packet of tinfoil in the freezer. Does not bode well.
E.) Mustu apple, with a few softish spots
F.) oh noooooo, casserole

Pencils down.


  1. 1. E
    2. F
    3. B, sorta. I actually did something similar today—I was quite annoyed that I had to physically go to a real store to buy a real book for a real class, so, while there, in order to demonstrate my wrath and indignation, I impulsively bought a blank notebook just because I liked the green, grey, and lilac stripes on the cover. Take that, you shameless uncaring world, and be warned. I am wild and dangerous.
    4. B! It's B!! The right answer is B!!!

  2. E,F,C,B -or-
    E,C,C,B -or-
    Where is the "can't answer" (more like the "afraid to answer"),option?

  3. (Just for the record, I would like to point out that I love going to bookstores. But in this case I was unexpectedly forced to do it, which of course made me grumpy.)

  4. Yayyyyy, Peeps, thanks for playing! You all get gold stars. I'm such a cheat. Most of the answers are right. I haven't kicked or flogged anyone. Jennifer, thanks for hopping on the Marzipan pig :) How long do your Swedish courses last?

  5. 1. A (and it's the numbering system - seriously, that's no way to run a language!)
    2. F
    3. F
    4. B
    Ah, such melancholy sweetness! OK, gotta go, I just saw the most beautiful taxi meter drive past...

  6. Oh! The lovely violet glow of you!