Monday, September 19, 2011

Worse with chocolate almond milk/Better with stars

It's a good thing you're not near me. On my way to the computer, I managed to simultaneously toss my chocolate almond milk upward in its cup so that it splashed down in a sickening coating over my ipod (horror!), muddied my ice water and bubbled up the surface of my opened journal; with my right hand, I tossed my innocent little panasonic across the room, where thank god it landed without breaking on the kitchen floor. I am ambidextrously clumsy. Almost athletically clumsy. Oh, that's right, I *AM* athletically clumsy!--First time running on a wooded path, I tripped going downhill, shot the (already moribund) discman like a discus into the underbrush and then skidded downward on knees and hand palms. Ahh, the embedded gravel/wood chips, oh the silly little streams of blood, clouds of happy mosquitoes and the weeks of slowly healing scabs. Riiiight. Though that was several years ago. So, anyway, impressive that I manage to not get stains on everything.

Where was I? Oh, there was lots of spray paint in my unventilated basement. This could certainly be linked with general discombobulation (don't you LOVE that word?? LOVE it.)
 Do you remember the Reclaimed series? I added stars to the one with the Regret woman.

I may have gone a little overboard with the stars. but she definitely needed some lightness. The color is darker, deeper than the photos would have you believe. I have since affixed two other designs in the series to wooden panels. The bubbling came back, which is aggravating, but will perhaps bother myself more than anyone else. In any case, I'm pleased with what came out of this exercise. But as printmaker, I'm not used to these one-offs -- I think of the satisfaction of selling them, but I would also be sorry to see them go. Not to be precious or anything.

Oh dear, it's getting late. Many other things I'd like to make note of, they'll have to wait another day. Have a good week, Everyone.

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