Sunday, October 28, 2012

Art on the Farm Today!

Oh my People,

I don't think coffee's going to carry me through the day today. Woe is the silly person who stays at the Halloween Bang* till close, the night before a full fair day! I am so. so. so. very tired. HowEVER, I did 90% of my setup for Art on the Farm yesterday afternoon, hammering nails into the far barnyard wall for a gallery of framed prints; laying out new cards and new designs and figuring out the holes, which I shall rectify this morning.

It will look something like this:
Table set up, 2011
I encourage you to come out! Laurie Longo, who won top prize in Edsel & Eleanor Ford House's "Grimmly Inspired" exhibit, will be selling great journals and cards made from repurposed older books, right next to me. Nancy Melet and M. Royal Schroll will be set up in the other barn...A fine mix of artists and craftsmen, bluegrass music, hot cider and girl scout baking...10-4 12075 Island Lake Drive. For more...

*Male and female Snow Whites, Astronauts, Rosie the Riveters; the inevitable dancing banana and those yearning to mash underwear and masks/glitter into costumes of sorts. A fabulous red hoodied Elliot with his ET in a wire bike basket attached to his front; a fine cat woman; a fine showing!

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