Monday, October 8, 2012

What is Eaten, What is Known

Greetings, All! 

Soooo, I just had an evening conference call for work, and it was the most painless one so far. Things are looking up? I see progress... Which means I had time to do something else, yay!

This is the second of three woodblock designs of the Nutritive Triptych I carved for a group exhibit at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, called “Grimmly Inspired” (10/12 still on display at their gatehouse!) These prints were based on a lesser known tale called “The White Snake.” Like most self-respecting Grimm's tales, The White Snake brings cruelty, task challenges under pain of death, talking animals, food imbued with magical powers, subversion of class and the age old quest for true love...

This design came from the part of the story that most shocked me: the would-be prince, slew his horse for raven babies to eat, after they had been ousted from the nest. Sure, cruelty abounds in Grimm’s tales, but his horse~! Without hesitation! Though our protagonist has gained a Doolittlish power to understand beastly banter, for every animal we hear, there are others which are not given voice. The horse is one of them.

Too, I found this tale fascinating for its attention paid to knowledge gained through eating…the earliest way of exploring the world~~

Check out a translation of the tale here:

“What is Eaten, What is Known” measures 9X12, has an edition size of 48, and was printed onto bleached mulberry paper, with black Daniel Smith oil based ink; and individually hand-colored with art watercolor markers all by yours truly.

May you eat wisely and well, and gain magical powers in the meantime.

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