Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No Cake is Safe: Platinum Editions, plus Yellow Door Luv

First things first! Yellow Door Art Market made me their Artist of the week, this week.  How fun!

Next up: a few more snaps from recent studio time. I decided to bring back "No Cake is Safe," to be printed with silver ink! This was my first time using a metallic ink. It was a bit tetchy, but I can't really say whether this is due to the age of the ink* or it's the nature of metallic inks themselves. I had to repeatedly play with it, after every other print, coax it back into spreading somewhat smoothly. But! Even so, I now have notions of combining it with other inks, perhaps a nice rich alizarin. See what happens.

*I snapped it up from an online Daniel Smith sale, like a coveted jar of liquor macerated bing cherries; and then it sat, ignored on a basement shelf.

First, I wanted a color combo with a little attitude, so naturally I went to a nice mulberry black.

Then, when I was nosing around Hollander's, one of the staff turned me onto one of his favorite papers to paint on: lokta. It's a handmade paper from the Himalayas and the colors are phenomenally rich. It takes ink from the press very nicely and the texture is just enough to enhance, but not so much to muddy the design. So: attitude on the one side, festive party on the other! 

They are still drying at the studio. Better get my signing hand ready, six small editions to number. More (happily) more to come!

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