Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noncable Also Nap Inducing

Why does it feel like October? Rain is pattering across my roof and I have mostly forgotten the need to call a repairman for the air conditioning, which proved begrudging and mediocre during the Art Fair heatwave. And now I have just exchanged a crocheted sweater for a bulkier polar fleecy thing... feels like the leaves are readying to fall and it's time to stock up on the hot chocolate. Javier is huddled over the dining room table, watching the Daily show on his computer, after a long day of meetings and interviews; iphone is safely nearby. Mainly it seems it is to protect against moments when the video needs to buffer. Complaints have been lodged about a lack of cable at Casa M. Management does not tend to be responsive.

We spent Friday and Saturday at the Chelsea Art Market. One of the few outdoor festivals I have taken part in -- quite fun! Aside from the weather worry -- Saturday it rained, torrented, cleared up, hung heavily, was mild, was steamy, was cold, blustered, rained during bright sun, and then acted like, Rain? What Rain? Even so, enough people walked through that we got to see people react to my prints, have some cool conversations, and make enough sales for it to be worthwhile on that score. Quite a lovely event! Added bonus: wandering through the gorgeous River Gallery. You really need to see the work of the young and talented Jessica Joy London in person to appreciate its startling beauty -- there until August 17th.

The first woman to buy a print bought this one. She told me that she had just decided she wanted something for a wall in her kitchen: "But it had to be art and it had to be funny!" Serendipity! Funnier still: she hates cake. "...Yeah, it's like a weird bread on its own, but the icing is awful, too. I was grounded one time when I was younger because I refused to eat my birthday cake." Getting those glimpses into purchase decisions (/or reactions) never gets old. Such a perk of sharing creativity with one's community. And finding more community through it.

A couple told us about a printmaker they love, who opens his studio to the public in Stratford Ontario -- and a fine bed and breakfast is even nearby. Trip potential! Interesting interview with Gerard Brender a Brandis here.

Lots more to be told from the day, but the cold night advanced without my noticing. A complaint has been lodged about the buffering and one is forced to watch the small amount of channels in the living room. Hope he comes back!

This time around I made a couple signs to give people a quick sense of what the Cakeasaurus picture book project is about. I hung them above the relevant prints. Hopefully this intrigues people enough that they may want to explore the woodblock prints that may be more mysterious on their own. We shall see...

The No Cake is Safe silver ink editions are now also live over at my etsy shop, take a gander. And now to bed, to bed! Maybe it will be 80 and sunny for the first day of August...

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