Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down

Almost three months into the baby adventure and I am definitely still developing parental sea legs. The ground possesses unreliable solidity at the same time it demands much more faith than I am used to giving out to anything or anyone; and then my scope eventually narrows down to our daughter's little face, either in repose, or delight, or a frightful wail. I know this shifting scope is good for me, and essential for the three of us; but a strange journey, even so.

A couple weeks ago, pain landed me in urgent care; after which I wasn't permitted to breast feed. This utterly confounded baby, who at one point licked the center of my chest before peering up at me intently. Why have you forgotten the rules?? More frequently, she slammed her forehead* against my shoulder, and shoved the bottle nipple around in her mouth before fitfully sucking on it. Meanwhile, the electric pump was giving me fits several times daily. Now, we are a few days past it and at an uneasy peace. Our former rhythm seems lost, but is hopefully only temporary.    

*hard! noggin!

This weekend's rain has been heavy enough to merit flash flood alerts; the backyard's a swamp, and water has snaked into the basement. Last night it was wonderful to fall asleep to, today a bit gloomier, though I looked out this afternoon just in time to see a rainbow moments before it shimmered away.

While I have yet to establish my new artwork groove, I have snuck in a bit of printmaking.

Here's the test print of Cakeasaurus, spying the cake-laden home of Quimby:

Pretty simple, not too much carving for the night scene, but I am pleased at its overall effect. I will do some "neatening" carving before I venture out to Maestra's studio to use her press, but it's 95% of the way there. I also pulled a handful of partial prints of the "floating" cake, for use in some woodblock cards. We'll see how those work with my current batch of decorative papers.

Also dropped off some more blank cards with Literati
Bookbound is also carrying a small selection of larger cards

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