Monday, July 6, 2015

Picture Book Update: Monster dwarfed by Obsession

Well, all craziness aside, I am forging ahead. Here's the next Cakeasaurus design in queue to get editioned at my friend's printing press -- the third design in line!

I carved this one in less than two weeks -- a record for me, as I usually milk it along, fitting in time here, time there; building up a carving callous in the first couple days and then slowing down a bit. I listen to This American Life, Marc Maron podcasts; carve from this angle, leaning into the block, carve from that angle, curling myself over the board...wander off for a cup of tea, or to bundle wet laundry into the dryer. I'd like to say that since time is shorter*, I have discovered greater focus and that I now truly understand and honor the gift of my time! BUT, no. I still slack. But you also need to know when to pick your battles: if baby mutterings are only going to escalate once your put her down? Best to become one with the couch. In truth, boosted productivity came down to the ipad. I parked it in between my carving bench S-hook and the wall and boom! I carved all the way through John Leguizamo's "Ghetto Klown."

*non-Baby time, that is.

With the subsequent baby care breaks, came the first season of "True Detective." I got sucked into drawled out menace of Matthew Mcconaughey's obsessive character and lopped off the tip of Cakeasaurus' tail. A portion of a lower case f was lost to another pivotal moment, but wood glue helped us out. I didn't take a photo of the test print itself -- will wait until I make some full-fledged prints... more process shots over at flickr here.

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