Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pro Tips: The Art Application

Things to do instead of that art exhibit application with imminent due date:
  • Rediscover Thao Nguyen, and her excellent new release, "A Man Alive"
  • Scrounge around the kitchen for any forgotten chocolate
  • Locate a dubious coconut chocolate cookie recipe to use up a bag of who-knows-how-old sweetened coconut. Leave chocolate chips out as a baking reminder.
  • Take notes on the fussy application requirements. Frown at the monitor repeatedly.
  • Print out one of previous applications, as reference.
  • Wander through rooms to determine how art could shift to accommodate new framed art, but carry printout so that it's almost like you're physically thinking through ideas and phrasing for new application.
  • Eat a quarter bag of chocolate chips.
  • Read pitchfork review of "A Man Alive" and OH MY GOD MERRILL GARBUS produced this album!!! Think about how much of a Tuneyards* jag you used to be on, no WONDER this new CD is great.
  • Wander downstairs to look at your picture book wall. This is actually work and helpful.
  • Pass the chocolate chips, eat remaining quarter of bag. Add chocolate chips to grocery list.
  • Stop yourself from doodling more animal card designs, which are not expected by x date, or requested by, anyone.
  • Resolve to head cafe-ward for higher productivity.
  • At cafe, order neither cupcake, nor cake slab, nor rock-like cookie, as chocolate chip penance.
  • Write a blog post. Queue up "Man Alive" on Spotify, to get you through.

Feeling trapped? Points for asking for help. Points for acknowledging how you got where you are.
* (not going to do the screwy capitals, it's annoying)


  1. "The art application" or "the art of not doing the application"? That is the question! :) Love, Anne S