Saturday, April 2, 2016

Define Edible. Plus, Groovy new Etsy Banner

Suspicious silence from the far end of the kitchen. The Oyo has been alternately impersonating a keening vine and a mathematician absorbed by a new theorem discovered on the floor. In the quieter moments, I have been cutting up brussels sprouts and tossing together ingredients for muffins which optimistically promise to make 6 adult portions and 6 baby portions.

It's a relief to listen to weekend NPR without a layer of screaming or low-grade whining. However: suspicious. I kneel down to peer at Oyo through the legs of the dining room table and there she is, all limbs wrapped around my hard foam...back thing? What would you call it? Like a pool noodle, but thicker, shorter. I roll on it to ease out the kinked up muscles. So anyway, she is seated, and wrapped around it in a double-hug, as if it were exceedingly precious, or desperate for escape; and is studiously gnawing at it. Somehow I needed the visual to hear the quiet grinding. Intellectually, I am aware that babies eat anything, but unfortunately my emotional side will arbitrarily decide, "Oh she wouldn't eat that~~" Oyo glowers at me as I extract a long sliver of blue plastic from her mouth. A few minutes later, she is hiccuping, and I can't help imagining some smaller blue particles lodged further down.

Edibility contest. Foam:1, Muffin:0
The muffins are eventually ready and I settle us down for the rare fully shared meal. She's not thrilled with the brussels sprouts, but will eat them; and she watches me eating mine. The muffins, however, mark the lowpoint for both of us. She is the first taster -- and tends to wolf down any carbohydrates -- but she lets the first bite sit in her mouth as she experimentally darts her tongue around. My experience is not much better. Healthful and they freeze well! Well. Do I freeze these, for her to not like them in the coming weeks? What kind of adult would eat this cardboard? Zucchini, fine, cheddar fine, end result: bleh.

From Wednesday's Super Brief post, which didn't make it to the Finish Line

being a cafe louse at Bona Sera.
Etsy announced they will be redoing everyone's shop, I think primarily to make it more mobile friendly, so the image slots are different, the shop home banner dimensions are different, blah blah blah. I am somewhat thumble thumbs in Photoshop, but here's what I have been working on:

Existing Shop Home Banner

New Etsy Shop Banner, pending minor tweaks

Darker, broodier, mysteriouser. Possibly too dark, and yes it's pushing the limits of busy... That said, I'm geeked!  It reflects where my visual work is now.

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  1. Foam 1 muffins 0! Ah, sigh, that makes one feel good, doesn't it. I have given up on the zucchini health muffin, but recommend them in a small quiche form -- basically the same stuff but more egg, no flour. Still freezable. Stil not in any way as tasty as a good cheddar and pepper muffin, but quite handy as a high protein nukeable breakfast item if you're not too fussy and have too much zucchini.