Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If the Bear Knocks Twice, Let Him In

Greetings! One day shy of June, during which my Dad, my sister, Javier (same day as sister!), and myself all celebrate birthdays. Much planning, perusing, and a handful of packages to assemble. And of course, a time to take stock of one's life, the subjective analysis of which is ridiculously variable for me.

This time around, barring my lax approach* to exercise and a few other things, it's looking pretty good. Baby's thriving: talky, adorable, puppylike in the treatment of her adults**. I am down to a couple last sketches needed for the picture book project and I just delved into linoleum cuts after years of having a couple unused blocks in my basement.

I've been thinking about the small cards I sell. My biggest sellers are birds from a larger woodcut I did many years ago. I love their continued popularity, I love combining these mini prints with pretty decorative papers, I love browsing the paper stores and considering my options. But I also don't feel like I'm growing with them. What's next? That's the smaller and larger question for me now.

I have been giving myself more doodly playtime in the past month, and it's starting to pay off: random characters are showing up in my mind, with more random things to say. This used to happen to me more frequently, before I started funneling my energy into a single larger project. I missed this! And now it seems to be back. Not that I know what to do with all of them. I make note of them and file some away. Some will gain life. The bear design below is an exception, having started with a photograph, without something pointed to say. He'd like to be in your business, though.
the pillow-animal hybrid resurfaces
Like the Oyo, the bear is in-your-face friendly. I doubt he'll have the widespread appeal of the birds, but maybe he'll resonate for the same folk who like the snacky Badger. One acquaintance saw the first photo and said, "Ahh, you're making a kids' card." It could be, but I don't think it has to be.

 Either way, it was a fun exercise to try out the lino block's butteryness.
A fine Friday afternoon!

I carved a few layers for multiple color printing
The flip-side is promising
A certain charm...
...But ultimately I returned to post-print markers

On sale soon -- likely venues: Cakeasaurus Etsy shop, Literati, Bookbound...
--> Next up: pensive chipmunk.<--

*it's true, I approach it. wocka wocka!
**so scrambly, when you sit on the floor, she charges at you, flops into your lap, snuggles for a moment and then tries to push you over. Pushy, pushy child. More bitey than we would like. No pinch, no bite!

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