Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pipelines are Also Suspect

Wow, you can tell when you get on an earlier work schedule when you're completely outraged by an incoming phone call before 10 P.M. The call happened moments ago and the outrage was immediate. I shouldn't be on the computer at this point, I should be in bed for an hour or so, but I don't think I was good at going to bed 9ish when I was....seven. So, good luck to me, I guess.

Tonight and last week were (hopefully) a bit out of the ordinary, because I had work at both ends of the day. Plus work in the middle. And a work annual meeting (see also: we gotta be soldiers! ...but we have a good pipeline. Do you have a good pipeline?) So: long days, pretty much. But I realize I haven't posted much. And I don't want this to become some lackadaisical affair. I don't call unless I'm...feeling snackie. And you have those Pickle Chips or that addictive peanut butter ice cream that I can't keep in my own freezer. And then, sure, I remember where you live. In that cul-de-sac, right? Got it. So. Not like that.

So. What with the People's Art Fair coming up this weekend, I have been mildly obsessive. There are, of course, things I have yet to try out. I *bought* pegboard to hang on one tent wall, but I have no idea which frames I'll hang, or how much I should bring; I intend to hang up a bunch of penguin prints (it's all good, Gil, it's all good), but I haven't found the bag of clothespins. I made spicy caramel corn to share with my tent mates, but still need to get the pesto vermouth dip going. This past weekend, I was 75% craftier than I am in any usual weekend (which is still 30% craftier than the baseline of the population. Maybe? Maybe.)

 Cards usually sell well. And for the most part, they are collages of print details that didn't eek it into proper editions. So I made a hella lot of cards this weekend. Not sure who will want my downtrodden human figures, but hopefully some hip folk will grow fond, on some ironic level. I cracked myself up by slapping suspect across neurotic man and the demanding goose.
And then somewhere in the weekend, when I had been too long away from other people, it became imperative to make a jerry-rigged card display stand from old hoarded cardboard boxes. If you remove those cards, you'll see how very jerry-rigged it is (and where does that expression come from, btw?), but it makes a nice impression, doesn't it? Such pretty paper from Hollander's. Glue gun burn:check.

And then, as periodically happens, I felt compelled to make some signs which would be hard laminated. I really fancy lamination. I mean, I don't have a factory or anything, I go to Kinkostaplemax and they warn me it may have bubbles because I'm giving them a paper with bits glued to eachother, I say fine and then we wait. So. Pre-lamination state.

I was pleased by this, though it belatedly occurred to me that I may have caused Sarah Palin (I mean, McCain, I know, but don't you think it's more Palin in the public consciousness?) to be mentioned to me. Please don't. I may pretend I haven't heard you. You know those flighty vendors, flighty artists. they can't really pay attention.

Some rogues, as it were. First time I have packaged experiments up. But I do have a certain fondness for them.
 Gussied up the table sign. 
And then! Just pulled a bunch of skeletons from my Calcium print, what the heck! Maybe for cards. Mybe I'll fiddle with them while I'm sitting around for hours this weekend.
Spraying noxious fixative on my obnoxious deck. Deeeeeck, I didn't mean it. A powerwash and a new coat of paint and you'll be good as new. Xoxo.
This connects back with the headstones: trying out aqua acrylic with a transparent medium. Am liking it. Will likely put on top of headstones, above.

Even more past time for bed than when I began! Shocking. There's simply no avoiding the need for sleep. Or the necessity of rising early-early.  

Good night/good morning.


  1. Your industriousness makes me feel... well, tired and unproductive! (But YOU keep up the good work! Love it all.)

  2. Oh psssh.And thanks! If it makes you feel better, I get all hermit-y during those times. Maybe coffee next week?