Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tales from: the Basement, the Devil. A little Smackerel.

Short and sweet! A satisfying, full weekend. About to head kitchen-ward to try out another Yotam Ottolenghi recipe (though am cheating with using wide rice noodles rather than actually making my own, but still, can't wait to see how the paprika, coriander, cinnamon, mint etc all come together with the pasta). Should be good! Using Compatriot as a guinea pig, for both that and the marmalade pudding cake; however either of those turn out, we'll be glued to the TV, watching the first two episodes of True Blood, season four (I know...not every one has cable people). Lafayette, we've missed you! Eric, we've so missed watching you. It's cool, Jason: smart is overrated.  

Yesterday I was lucky enough to count myself among the audience at the Corner Brewery for the National Theater of Scotland's "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart." Were you also lucky? It's gone as of this writing, but was apparently sold out for quite some time, so unless you planned ahead well, or are a star bellied sneetch, you won't have caught it here. I entered with the expectation of high quality fun (plus, yes some minor qualms about the degree of "audience participation"), but was otherwise clueless. Which, in retrospect, enhanced -- it was the perfect kind of rollicking theater piece to simply get lost in. And jostled by: for the lively troupe is not above nudging you or pretending to lasso you over to their side. The Washington Post's review calls it "whimsical in the extreme," before handily breaking it down: Strange Undoing... is "a tale recited in rhymed couplets by five actors, about a prim Edinburgh researcher into Scottish border ballads who comes face to face with Beelzebub." I'm pretty sure this theater group comes to Ann Arbor most years, via UMS, so definitely add them to your list of must-sees! Another take from the DCist here (though this has more spoilers).

In basement news, more carving progress today:
Started carving the cakes, which I had been avoiding until now.
Devoured, and its opposite. Now, with bunged up E, yay!
Chocolate or vanilla, the age old preference question.

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