Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Communication, It Is Not So Easy

Greetings, All!

I am simultaneously productive and yet feel myself to be stuck in a slump. Let's just chalk it up to the time of year, shall we? Holidays behind us and optimism for a new year is tempered by months of Winter. Happily for me, three lovely new cookbook gifts have helped to keep the outside gloom at bay: I can just barely hear a malaysian curried beef stew bubbling on the stove. My study window showcases everything grey and wet, though the snow on the ground has yet to acquire its stale, polluted tinge.

At DTW airport. I prefer self-assured desserts.
Possibly because I recently dove back into sketching for my picture book project -- during which time I am endlessly puzzling over the right phrasing to mark different plot points -- I have also been noticing lots of weird turns of phrase and malapropisms lately. None of us are error free, certainly. I alternate between feeling dismayed and pleased by some of the online wackiness:

I don't take anyone for granite.

Good on ya! Poetic alabaster comparisons aside, it's difficult to mistake people for stone of any kind.
I am working on expanding my pallet.

Since I haven't weeded that small, failed garden plot to the left of my deck, some junk trees and oh-so-hardy weeds have flourished. You can use those if you want, though I doubt they'd be better than hay. But I doubt you'll get many honeys sleeping over.
I'm looking for a relationship that communication is so easy.

Alas, the communication, it is not so easy. It is rarely so easy.

Communication is a two gay street.

Typo or Freudian slip? I felt okay with chortling, since what the fellow intended to convey, while valid, was a lazy cliche (redundant, sorry), but then it took a turn. Less straight than you meant to be!
I am very out going. I tend to blend into any crowd I come in contact with.

This I love more because I envision a person excitedly interacting with and agreeing with everyone and then literally disappearing. Damn social chameleon!
I am consecrate, kind, helpful.

Halfway between considerate and holy, nothing to shake a stick at!
In retro-speck

Why spell check when you can just make it up? Language is fluid.
To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia

Is this really what you mean? I think you like words, but not quite enough to use them correctly. Though, to be fair, blinded by love and all that. Maybe this is more a case of posturing that handily helps others remove them as an interest...I have been anesthetized against your charm, yadda yadda yadda.

Okay, stopping now! Sometimes easier to criticize than refrain, potentially leading to Seinfeldian fussiness, and losing sight of larger merits, out of one's own pettiness and anxiety...On the flipside: proofreaders are your friends.

And now, the basement workbench calls...

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