Sunday, December 4, 2011

Business in Your Backyard: Pot & Box

As you may or may not recall, due to lolling about my house last Saturday afternoon, I almost missed the safe scurrying time afforded by the hordes watching the U of M vs. Ohio State game. Almost! It wound up being perfect -- downtown was deserted, I sailed through intersections and even took a few snaps of one of the frequently graffitied bridges on the way home.

But to where did I wish to scurry in the first place? Primarily to Pot & Box, on the tip from a friend who *always* knows about intriguing people and things. And also to the neighboring Metal, though it was unconfirmed they would be open. As it was, I arrived at the Charming Pot & Box a few minutes before the stated close time, though proprietor Lisa Waud was chill, "Oh, I'm here, working, and a couple is due to come in a bit..." Lisa is warm and down-to-earth; and we established that we have both volunteered at nonprofit fave 826 Michigan*, which means extra points right there. Uh, which is not to say any point assigning is occurring. Gold star? Gold star.

* Hey! new this year, check out their online store catalog

Lisa's floral love goes deep. The home site announces: "Rooted by her education in horticulture, her fingernails have been dirty for over 15 years through service & retail experience." Her original concept was focused on container gardens and boxes, to the exclusion of providing floral arrangements. "I actually thought I would contact all the restaurants in the area and keep their boxes filled, and you know, I could barter for food, how great would that be?...But then friends kept approaching me to do flowers for weddings and things like that..."

Without abandoning the idea of the former, she folded cutting gardens and floral arranging into the mix. The flowers she doesn't grow herself are sourced with an eye to organic/natural and local (lots of visits to farmers' markets). The container garden services include original design, planting and regular upkeep, based on clients' wishes, which strikes me as cool since it potentially encompasses businesses, homeowners and black-thumbed individuals operating on less of a budget.

The business itself was visually stimulating enough that I was happy Metal would require a separate trip -- my camera battery steadily lessened, though it thankfully held out for the visit itself. I puttered about and Lisa returned to an in-process floral arrangement. Ko, her beautiful chocolate lab, was content to lounge on her puffy dog bed in the work area, after displaying her favorite bone.

In the right when you enter is a selection of work by local artists
Festive holiday bottle "lamps." 

Nifty illustrator Nicole Ray/Sloe Gin Fizz, among others

Sharp pillows by Salt Lab
Mysterious Organic Forms. Possibly gecko eggs.
To the left of the entrance is an airy space dedicated to event rentals. Both the space itself, as well as the shelves of mason jars, iridescent glassware. And equines under glass.

The work area is homey, purposeful and also reflective of a fondness for collecting.

Birdcages originally bought for a wedding
O, Happy Succulents!

Still want more photos? Click here.

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