Saturday, December 24, 2011

Interlude Between Holiday Meals...

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!

Went to a splendid holiday open house earlier today, where I got to chat with another woman who aspires to publish a children's book, her's with monster paintings, paired with poetry. A groovy project that I'll want to follow! The party itself was held in a beautiful, art filled home, with live music, a luscious spread and interesting, engaging people. Now, am enjoying the new Florence and the Machine, appetizers are chilling for tomorrow's festivities, I have polished off the caramel corn remains and my more industrious side is nattering at its loungier counterpart about the need to go for a run. And here I sit, solidly in the middle.

The art show at the University of Michigan hospital (main building/second floor/by the cafeteria) has already been exciting and rewarding. It has spurred a couple etsy orders and some touching comments from patients and hospital staff. If you ever get the opportunity to exhibit at a similar program through a local hospital, I'd say go for it -- really lovely to hear that your art made someone's day better. Especially when they have serious matters to deal with.

On a related note, one doctor pointed out that I didn't have one of my Cakeasaurus prints listed on etsy. Complete oversight on my part! 
Atmospheric blurry cam! See also: why do my hands shake so?
Steady On.
While this is nowhere near the first Cakeasaurus print I have made, chronologically this would be the opener. The calm before the confectionary mayhem.

Once upon a time
in suburbs not so far away
Cakeasaurus roamed
Under cover of night.

Here's an initial sketch of the monster himself, before I added the housing cluster:

...and the carved block. Not so much to carve out, with all that inky blackness.

It's been awhile since I have carved anything. Can't wait to get back to it in the New Year!

Time to reconnect with more family and loved ones! Warmest wishes to you & yours.

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