Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it.

"He sits in the sun rearranging the past, and tries to keep warm. He knows words, says them, but has forgotten their meaning. They hang all about, sparkling, just out of reach, the crystals on a chandelier he can't light. His memory rings like a wind chime, sounding clear and bright, then dwindles to random jingles and clinks."

-- Another from Lou Beach's 420 Characters

While AV Club reviewer Rowan Kaiser appreciated what Beach did within the character limit, s/he thought it wound up being somewhat gimmicky and fell short of being satisfying -- maybe it would have been better if it were geared more towards jokes. On my end, I liked how clever and funny he could be, but I also really fancied the in medias res ones, which tended to have more heft to them. 

420 Characters provides a nice accompaniment to the following: waiting in post office lines, taking a hot bath, eating bi bim bop. Con: speed readers are done before their tea has cooled.

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