Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Bet We Could Knock Brad off the Monkey Bars with this Wiffleball

Tallyho, Readers!

I'm imagining most of the world out tonight, for some silly reason. Am restless, but upbeat. It's loud here, though only because I have the poor habit of turning the music up ever louder. It's a wonder I don't have tinnitus at this point... But surely, at least part of the groundless optimism* results from revisiting Temper Trap, as HOW can one listen to Sweet Disposition and feel woeful? The top comment from that video is "i put this song on repeat and stared at my ceiling fan for an hour" -- pretty much my experience when I first encountered it. And also: guitar guy, I'm sorry they're throwing drum sticks at you. Cute topknot.

*who says groundless pessimism? No one. Shouldn't it be in our lexicon? Pessimists have low confidence in life, but high confidence in their own ability to assess situations and predict outcome. Kinda funny, huh. Even in mindset, the comfort of familiarity can trump openness and happiness? I say this as more of a pessimist than an optimist. Someday I hope to be a lapsed pessimist~~

I also have a spring in my step because there is a talk of a trip next month! Not a long one and not across the globe, but a place I haven't been to before! Just to go, just because! I had utterly forgotten how trip anticipation makes one so hopeful, giddy almost. What possibility, what a thrill! The superstitious side of me warns against mentioning the destination, as that would cause it to backslide out of existence. But no! And see, if you have visited me here before, you may be saying: Talk about superstition, didn't that woman from Rust Belt TELL you she saw travel for you in the early Spring? And didn't you joke about that? Well, true. And maybe that slightly later trip would still even hold and maybe THAT would be international. For truly, my world needs shaking up and maybe 2012 is when the shaking should happen.**
{**Additional superstitious protective shield: please no shaking in horrid, atrocious ways. I'd rather not become homeless, lose the use of any appendages, watch my loved ones suffer, or be mauled by a tiger. Thanks for taking note.}  

Maybe for a change of pace, I'll become a lunch monitor. You know,

"Includes lunch room set-up, lunch card distribution, monitoring student check-in tables, selling milk & snacks, supervising students and assisting with their needs during lunch, assisting food servers, monitoring lunch time recess and clean-up of the lunch room." 

I can sell milk and snacks. From what I can recall, I think I'll also need to start collecting stickers again and trade sheets with the well behaved kids; snatch pudding cups back from schemers and smack metal tables with my wooden spoon for intimidation purposes, when it seems the room is the verge of a food throwing melee.

Luckily, I already have wooden spoons for hand pulling woodblock prints, though obviously I can't bring my favorite spoon, because if that one broke against the table, it'd be like Samson with his hair cut -- all my power would instantly drain away and the food fight would not abate.

I will also probably need to start wearing makeup and curtail my cursing habit. The latter part is probably advisable anyway. The description also informs the the applicant must be "able to lift 60 lbs. individually." Which, fine. But it will take a while that way.

Pooh: "Think, think, think."
Or maybe I'll come up with a brilliant larger project, I'll hop onto Kickstarter and ask people to help me out.
Oh! Speaking of which, one of my favored up-and-coming local bands has done such a thing. Check out Hand in the Ocean's plea/song snippet here. Aren't they fun? Wouldn't it be fun to see how they grow and how their music gains in complexity? They're not even asking for that much ($600 according to the page, $800, according to the vid-- some confusion there). 

It's a good thing they're not asking for more though, because they really ramp up the incentives. For $50, they will come to your house with some mysterious horror movie (hmmm.) $125 supposedly gets you this: "FIREBALL!!! Nate and Jay will be your hired Fire Breathers for an evening of your choosing." {Plus a download of the live GBS Detroit E.P. before it's released} $200 brings a house party. One can only assume if the ceiling were in the thousands, firstborns would be involved. If you like 'em, feel free to throw some money their way. $5-10 is easy to part with...

Other ways in which I probably won't shake up my life in 2012:

I promise not to start stealing shoes. Or leave them on my front porch, especially when they have such personal significance. Like dear little friends for my feet.

Invest in more holiday lawn gear. Though really, penguins aren't a bad way to go. Especially when they have so many accessorizing options. Earmuffs and no ears! Super-cozy! Does Tophat feel locked out of the Santa contingent, or do the Santas envy his dapper state?

Were they blueberry? if so, no wonder they were left for dead.
Eat ground candy.

I have finally learned my lesson.

Not that I'm applauding my camera skills, but isn't this a great depiction of post-holiday slump? Taken on the last day of 2011.

Refuse homemade food or drink. This pretty little thang was from the Compatriot. Love the loopy, silky bow! Just enough to announce its special status. Cardamom vanilla vodka.  It smells heavenly. I drank a little with Fever Tree tonic last night and it was dreamy. 

That's as good a note as any to end on. 

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back and may your future reading material be less blathery and more meaningful...


  1. There and Back Again, a Cakeasaurus' Tale

  2. A few thoughts: Yes, love your photography skills depicting the end of 2011... fitting.

    Here is hoping too that you aren't facing any tiger maulings... that would be awful - but being the year of the dragon maybe you ought be on the look out for belching billowing clouds of fire - or cake thiefs :) (Hmm... perhaps this is why Nate and Jay are offering fireballs?!)

    Skip the lunchroom - who needs to relive that angst.

    And lastly: proceed with caution Kickstarter tourists. I've always thought I fill this strange niche somewhere between patron and artist -- that doesn't really have a sufficient title, but it's more like being a cheerleader for team art -- of which Kickstarter pitches to very well while making me and my retirement savings vulnerable. (But if you put up a project in 2012, you can count on me!)

    Oh, wrong - one more "lastly": "lapsed pessimist" hmm.. interesting -- would there be a support group involved? I'll consider it nonetheless.

    Looking forward to Cakelurking postings of 2012!

  3. @Johnny -- LOVE the combination of Milne+ Cakeasaurus :)

    @SBS, I can see how Kickstarter could become dangerous -- a quibble (or larger than a quibble) -- what's with them not accepting PayPal? Weird. Maybe the support groups are covered by self help books. Or caffeine? I do think it's a very difficult thing to ferret out and lessen the power of...