Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Know, I *Know*~~

An indication of how drawing has been going this evening
Criticized by doodles.
This was before my new laptop didn't start until the third try, and only then after cogitating for 15 minutes. The Apple Specialist consulted with the Family Room and now I get to go in after work tomorrow and hope they can do a quick fix, or exchange this one for another...in which case I am told data transfer could take up to 48 hours again. Peeved. But maybe this won't be necessary. The day will start with a plumber coming at 7 AM; well, not starting, as I will have been working for two hours at that point.  From this Tuesday evening, Wednesday does not look to be fun-filled. Shore up on the fun now!...I guess I should at least return to sketching.  

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