Monday, January 16, 2012

My People, My People: Who Wants a Llama? (Readership Drive)

My People, My People! This phrase periodically floats through my head, irrespective of circumstance. Basically, whenever I'd love if a few of us pulled together. Do you feel me? I feel you. To connote kinship, right, but then it's also kind of presumptuous. The whole inaccurate sense of ownership, compounded by this idea that if you vaguely feel close to others, an understanding of others, that this feeling is naturally answered: Boom! Magic.

And in such a scenario as this, where I'm blogging and I may or may not have the pleasure of knowing you? Are you my people?  Are you spambots? I know some of my loved ones stop by for visits, and this alone is gratifying. But the idea, too, that you, stranger-to-me, want to read this: it's cool and mystifying. According to blogspot stats, Cakeasaurus Lurking definitely has some U.S., Swedish, Canadian, Australia, U.K. Russian, Brazilian readers. Smaller numbers: Guam, Germany, Guatemala, Moldova, India, Thailand? True or false? I'm floating in the ether, here. But! Today I present you with a challenge! Show yourselves (a little) and/or help me grow my audience! That's right, folks, it's time for a print giveaway!

Llama Repetitions
This print is a detail from my Destiny Llama design, printed on bleached mulberry paper, with Daniel Smith oil based ink. I used my favorite wooden spoon to press the ink from the wood block into the paper, deliberately varying the pressure from one to the next: variety within repetition. Measures approximately 5 3/4" x 14". This is not part of an edition. Special, special!

If you like printmaking/art/my blog, I need your help in the spreading the word. If you choose to accept the challenge, here's what I ask:

A.) Get social.
  • Sign up to be a follower/blog member of Cakeasaurus Lurking (to the right of this post)
  • and/or Facebook like/tweet my blog in the upper right hand corner of my home page 
  • and/or share this post with your friends via your preferred social platform, so they can read my blog, iffen they want to, or try to get the Llama print. 
B.) Send me a direct email -- > listed in my profile ( heading: "Llama Giveaway"
  • Tell me which route you took in A.
  • Let me know what you have liked about past posts and/or what you'd like to learn about on my blog. 
That's it! You could be the lucky recipient of this one-off Llama Repetitions Print! This opportunity ends on FRIDAY JANUARY 27TH. Winner will be chosen under my own discretion. There is only one winner.

Well. I, for one, am *rawther* excited. Good luck, Sally forth!


  1. Lovely M - not sure how to email you directly, forgive me for taking the lazy lady way out. YOU MUST PICK ME. Seriously! I could frame this print for Maddie for her 12th bday (1st day of spring) and it would be her favorite possession EVER. She is OBSESSED with llamas. She & her girlfriends write them into stories, poems, plays. She talks about them daily. How many girls do this?? I do not know. Please, please make my baby's bday dream come true! Love, Christy

  2. PS: I am now following you. Do you see my shadow?

    1. I DO see your shadow! Thanks, Ma'am! Well, you're in the running, Christy! I will add a note for more folks on the emailing...

  3. Far be it from me to interfere with a child's incipient artiodactyl fetish, but I'll put in a bid for the Purple Lllama of Destiny, because he would look so fabulous next to our Orange Gävle Goat (from Joe's sister) and Green Wily Raccoon Paws prints.