Saturday, January 21, 2012

Llamas, Laptops and (Kings of) Leon

Happy Weekending!

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Otherwise, hmm, what's up? On my end, it was a motley week: stressful, random, but not without its redeeming qualities. Last night I was super excited to go into Detroit to hear Hand in the Ocean record their first EP, but after speaking with friends who had spent two+ hours stuck on the highway, due to snow/ice/Winter nastiness, I melded with my couch to watch middling TV.  I averted my gaze from the picture window area, where the Christmas tree has grown increasingly sullen. Its tall red glittered star leaned to one side, as the tree silently began: "Do you feel festive? Because *I* don't feel festive anymore. One of us ready for the box."

I finally gave into my first ever purchase of a brand-spanking new computer -- a sweet little macbook pro, which I expect I'll love as soon as I become totally used to the lack of mouse. It's certainly purty and the screen resolution is fantastic. But things still randomly disappear when this certainly wasn't my intention. I took part in the "Meet Your Mac" hand-holding session at the local store. The session consisted of myself, a dignified woman in her 60s or 70s, and a thin young guy with a floppy, died black mohawk, two lip piercings and black nail polish that needed some touch up. Naturally, the latter was our specialist/trainer/newbie whisperer. He had a suitable nightclub pallor and I strongly suspected he must have crossed paths with Ginger through all the DJing, but kept myself from diverting the session.

He was working a soothing, placating tone, which I was mostly cool with, though I eventually protested after he had said, "Now, don't panic!" to me one too many times. Not panicking, just irritated at not immediately having it down/having something do the opposite of what I wanted it to do. His delivery was almost a little too honeyed, though he gets points from me from only betraying the tiniest bit of impatience by the end. He was ready to be done with us. "So! Do you have any more QUICK questions before we end?" He said this just as experienced waitresses will prompt with: "Is everything good?" rather than "And how is everything?" He smiled at us and looked from one to the other: "Anything quick?....Hmmm, THAT sounds like a One-on-One. Any other last thing? No? Ok, Well ENJOY your new computer!!" Cue: speedy exit.

Prior to that, though, I was naturally focused on whether everything had transferred over properly. I asked about itunes and he said, "Great! We haven't explored itunes yet! Shall we take a look at itunes then?" He looked at the older woman; through a mix-up, I wasn't present for the beginning.

"No, I don't care about that." The woman said flatly.

"No? So you don't care about listening to music on your computer?"

"No." I think we both had to digest this. But maybe she's not on computers all the time. He tried again, with the streaming radio stations. No she didn't care. I mentioned free podcasts, like from The New Yorker, Bob Edwards. "Yes! NPR!" said our Whisperer. Surely she would brighten at that. She still wasn't won over.

He gave up and turned back to me. He noodled with different viewer settings and I played with the Genius playlist maker, which I know has been around forever, but haven't really bothered with before. "What do you think, do you love it? You're going to love it!"* It was my turn to nod noncommittally. "Try again!" I searched for Headhunter, thinking about an updated running mix; it didn't seem to be coming up. "Do you mean Headhunter by Front 242?" He enunciated carefully and it was at this point I refrained from getting huffy. Why would I need to explain to him that I TOTALLY know that, for heaven's sake, other than that weird propensity many of us exhibit to be liked by waitstaff~~

{on a related note, an older This American Life episode included an informal study where they had waiters be inconsistently friendly/indifferent/even mildly hostile or cold -- and they got better tips. Oh, humans are a screwy, contrary bunch.}

*It's so interesting, all these customer programs, and the juggernaut that is Apple, where everything is simultaneously service and further sales, inculcation. I guess that's the way of all business, really, but few where it is so blatant, even as it's successful. **

** Which is probably the only reason I was nodding noncommittally. No, I will now refuse to be enthusiastic. Though I probably said Yay! and clapped my hands at least once while I was picking up the old and new computers. This happens. I already love Genius, am listening as I write this(Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Florence, Kings of Leon, Black Keys, happy-happy).

So here we are, I have a bunch of new mysterious icons on my computer, plus the promise of increased mobility. I affixed a couple tiny Cakeasaurus decals on its cover, but have yet to purchase a spiffy carrier. I haven't named it or anything precious. But I'll probably take it with me on vacation next month. Because, you know, I wouldn't want it to get lonely.

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  1. M - would LOVE to share your llama link, but my daughter reads everything I link to. And that would WAY spoil it (in the wonderful chance that I WON!) Please forgive me.. xo