Tuesday, April 23, 2013

...Bad for the killer, good for us!

A young girl, wrongly imprisoned in a mental institution because she knows her mother was the true killer of her younger sister, a freakish doll-child on the child beauty circuit! Will Dana Delany's Megan Hunt save her before electro-shock therapy zaps the adolescent's memory, forever hiding the true killer's identity?? ...The things we do, to salvage the day, eh? The TV watching, that is. You work, you go home and then you work again; you turn around, and it's 10 PM, the day's gone, how did that happen? It's not like you're a lawyer, or raking it in, or are changing the world.

Too late to start anything new, but at least you could cleanse the palate from the day's bad taste...but a faulty cleansing it is, the TV watching.  I'm not a snob, I get sucked into TV along with almost everyone I know, though I resent it. I think, outside of a few great shows, it's like cafeteria food, eating a little something, because you're mildly hungry -- or because it's the appointed time frame for eating -- and then eating a little something else, because that first thing you ate wasn't that satisfying -- and even then thinking, well, *that* didn't hit the spot.

That, to me, is habitual TV watching. It's the willful eating away of time, by one's own hand, because one was just *depleted enough* to not have the will to create something better with the day. Maybe a wee bit too puritanical on my point. Or perhaps too cynical... though it makes me think of Karl Marx's oft-paraphrased  "religion is the opiate of the masses" -- not that I know a blessed thing about that passage outside of that, but STILL, I say, STILL, plunk TV in there and doesn't it still work surprisingly well? I contend that it does... And on that note, I should go to bed. The young girl turned out to be a malicious killer after all! And wily and cruel; with the keen ability to ferret out emotional weakness in her targets, a trait clearly shared by the entire mentally unstable population, judging from years of TV shows. But luckily all truth eventually comes to light, and quite handily so, with time to spare for commercials...

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