Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Circle Cutters, Mirrors and Upcoming Grooviness

Well last night all I could sputter about was aggravated TV watching. But this also belies the crafty activity beneath the surface! My ****favorite local art open house**** is happening this very weekend! And following close on its heels is a very exciting lease at the groovy and socially savvy Yellow Door Art Market, starting on May 1st. So much to be done, so little time, throw a nasty sickness in there and ta-da! A minorly chaotic house. But. So. Ahem. First, the invite to this weekend's festivities:

and...for local folk, here are the deets...In addition to my woodblock prints, you have a small and lovely selection of handmade goods, within a gorgeous home. Come, wander with a glass of wine, some nibblies, reconnect with friends...and check that Mother's day present from your list...Friday evening and Sunday day.

Darcy Bowden paper, fabric, clay - Linda Colman jewelry - Karin Wagner Coron color pastels - Janice Glander felt & fiber arts - Angelis Jackowski watercolor, photography - Jeanne Joesten  tiles - Kenyan Women's Cooperativehandwoven Baskets - Marie Krull fiber giftsRuth Krull embroidered towels - Dynese McClumpha ceramics -  John Newman's Baker St. Candies handcrafted caramels - Emily Nuber handmade soaps - Hilary Robinson jewelry - Rich Wood photography

On my end, my newest plaything is a clunky button maker. Plus a small contraption that magically cuts perfect circles from paper. The latter is truly more impressive than it sounds. Zip, zip: circle. "I can't get over that thing!" says Javier, from across the table. Zip, zip! Circle! "I *KNOW*"I say. Zip, zip, Circle! Quite satisfying. Sadly, one does not need SO very many paper circles. But at least one needs a few. Am I making buttons? Nope!

Mirrors! Wee little pocket ones. With printmaking designs.
Imaginary relative, with crochet detailing

Penguin trio! Suitcase power activate! Against a bubbly backdrop.

Not His Own Cake...detail, with some photoshopping tomfoolery.
Llama, Adorned. Very few prints of this available anymore.
Princess and an apple from the Tree of Life, natch.
Hope to see some of you this weekend! Happy midweek, All!