Friday, April 5, 2013

By in a Flash: a Few Snaps Before the Weekend

There's time for a scattershot post, no more. I could have sworn there was a misguided mildly uplifting quote about there being all the time you need, but a lax googling (see also: must hop in the shower) yielded a mere handful, plus crime story videos ("there's all the time you need" prison, to contemplate what you have done). "Making more time," however, yields an impressive 10.3 million in 15 seconds. And most of those are lies. As anyone living beyond the Phantom Tollbooth will tell you, you can't *make* time. But anything to free up space and make us believe we are creating a moment of calm, or stealing it, as the case may be, and we can be happier with our day...So. On with it.

Updates from the basement

Nothing was carved.  

And inked.

Test print.
A girl in an animal hat was forbidden entry to a party.

 Updates from outside

The metal duck family still sails a wavy roof in Gallup Park

The heron is poised.
Mahek somehow closed when I wasn't looking! Goodbye, favorite chai.

Less tasty, more wordy: the anticipated book indie, Literati, has opened its doors  

Collective *sigh*. Much happy browsing to follow...
Meanwhile, in a handful of alleys and random streets downtown, curious building adornments have sprung up.
Keep an eye out! DIA's cool Inside/Out program has finally come to Ann Arbor.
High society, landscapes; and biblical (and personal) vengeance!

Happy Friday, All. Promises to be gorgeous out there, should be a fine night to view Luminaria at Foolmoon tonight and the Festifools parade on Sunday!

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