Monday, April 29, 2013

Circular Tales, Flights of Fancy

Javier, I got a new use for the circle cutter!

Reader, unlike prior years, when I had some lucky thing all lined up for the annual Circle of Art fundraiser, this year, I have been stymied. It sprang up! first of all, before I was ready! I noodled around for a bit, and then spent wayyyyyy too long in photoshop. The digital printmaking mash-up has potential. It has penguins and dubious invitations. And yet, it also aggravates me. Maybe a good sign? Alerting one to a new path? Hmmmm. In any case, it stands as it stands. Donation one.

And then! We have PART the SECOND, which started yesterday and came together this evening! Some cuteness, some airiness, coming up ahead!

this morning I tried the sewing machine


  1. Cool! (I forget, who is it who is shiftless and cagey?)

  2. Thanks! the woman being judged in Birds Don't Like You. she also has "weird feet."