Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Day to Art Fair! Sneak Peek attempts thwarted

I can't believe the Art Fair starts tomorrow! Normally, in my former life, I'd be feeling chained to my office desk, filled with anticipatory agitation, akin to the small town olde timey "circus is coming!" I tried my best to work on Tuesday, knowing that my concentration level would plummet by Wednesday morning. And, depending on my work location, music I rarely wanted to hear would be reverberating through our office walls, further decimating productivity.

But not this year! No agitating another day, because the reporting data I need is in process, no SPSS crashing or powerpoint going all wackadoo on a once properly appointed chart! No passive aggressive communications around shared kitchen areas, or group chastenings due to misbehavior of a few... But also true: the day is dominated by simple, sing-song narratives about life basics (diapers, walking, birdsong); and daily happiness pivots on the satisfaction of one teeny, tiny person. And while the house is a bit isolated, the production level of physically leaving said isolation behind is something I am still coming to terms with. Right now, the deck door is open to the rain; and the dumpling has succumbed to a nap in the darkened living room.  

Time for a quick glance at the artists of the State Street Art Fair ! The jig is up whenever she discovers Mom is no longer holding her, so anybody's guess how long this post will be. Site niggle: I will say it'll be a bit shorter than I'd like, what with the unfriendly website navigation -- while every artist name (300 of them) in the alphabetical artist list is clickable, there's no image next to these names to entice site viewers, or to differentiate one name from the next at this page level -- you need to click into each individually to learn more. which means lots of people fall off at that page, rather than clicking forward or back. You may think that's a nothing complaint, but it's basic online knowledge that any time you ask people to click to another page, you lose a portion of your readership. So you MUST provide incentive. Grr. All artists by medium is slightly better. The Original's artist directory is a lot friendlier...

On that tip, printmaker Johanna Mueller was a name I recognized, so I bothered to click through. Last year when I stopped in her booth, she was on the verge of moving from Colorado to Austin, TX and opening her own gallery. Looks like she did it! See also: pinterest account here. Booth 332.

**** and that's about as far as I got. Patience with that official site ran out. Luckily, the Ann Arbor Art Fair FB page has been posting artists across the four fairs ("25 artists in 25 days"), so there's a little more to be had here. About as random as my posts have been, but with more photos and info... The rock n' play is creaking in time with Dumpling's full-body protests (back ARCH! back ARCH!); she is aggravated or hungry or both -- either way, she is ready for something different. Tomorrow I shall run off to the art fair (/away to join the circus); today we have very hungry caterpillars and swooshing through the air.


  1. I do remember the frustration of working downtown for art fair. It turned on me, and I lost my taste for wandering the booths... That silly PowerPoint always took precedence.

    And I do so feel your pain on the alphabetical listings!! Greenville (SC) has Open Studios, where artists invite anyone and everyone to wander their sacred spaces. Plotting my route alphabetically just isn't happening.

    So glad to hear you get to run away to the circus, if only for a day!

    1. I have never lost my need to wander, though many booths I don't actually go into...and man, today marked the first time I went without paid parking -- ohhhhh, the suck! the circus makes all the difference for everyday life, doesn't it?

  2. After working the fair last year, I am glad to have no reason to be within a 10 mile radius this year. Not that I don't enjoy the variety of art and the artist, it is just that setting up a pop-up store front in daunting weather is nerve racking, not to mention all the effort needed to create and build booth stock. Maybe next year I'll have the yearn to return! (There was a wide swath of about 10 years I did not go to the fair(s) with youngsters in tow - for fear of an unexpected art fair purchase by way of an unexpectedly damaged piece of work.)

    1. see, I wondered whether we'd cross paths this time! But I totally understand the need for space. and i have never mustered the gumption to attempt a booth at such a biggie. plus the chatting all day long, i have to have my soul replenished afterward...