Friday, July 24, 2015

Spreads the Wealth...Addendum

Thursday: I am standing at the intersection of Liberty and 5th, floating in my own haze, until someone calls my name. I glance over and sure enough, local coolness maven Stephen stands on the opposite side of the street; he is already removing a length of corrugated cardboard from a bag.

We meet on my side, "Have you been to Bon Bon Bon? Go to Bon Bon Bon! Look how they package them. This is for ONE piece of chocolate. They're out of Hamtramck (Detroit, for out of town readers). They have a Vernor's flavor. Go buy your man some chocolate." When we had met previously, and spoke about Kent Ambler's prints, he said, "get your fiance to buy you "The Messenger," sure, he should buy it for you. Or buy it for him, and say, 'Here I bought this for you, I'm going to hang it here,' and then you have a present taken care of."

I was easily swayed, with the chocolate anyway. I had already been curious about the pop-up businesses in the old tiny Jerusalem Garden location. Katoi, the Thai restaurant was closed for the evening, due to an event in Detroit, but Bon Bon Bon was actually in its first official day of business (Thursday of Art Fair). So, what to do but get a few chocolates?

I snagged #15 for Javier
and #94 for myself.
Quite good, but gone too quickly
They're $3 a pop, but that's artisanal for you. Many more flavors to try.

I am chomping at the bit to try Katoi in Exile's Thai food -- was hoping Javier & I could swing by there while we still had some childcare, but looks like more work has popped up on his end. Takeout? Hmmm. In any case, check them out while you can: both businesses will be occupying the space through the end of Summer. Article (mostly on Katoi) here.

*** Friday's Addendum to Thursday's Addendum: We lugged the car seat and stroller into Javier's Escape (he's the master lugger) and got ourselves the last table in Katoi's outdoor seating area last night. A lovely experience! I didn't take any notes or pix, as I was hangry by the time Javier got home from work, Baby deemed us done with nursing and we could leave...but the darkening sky and the twittering birds in the vine-covered wall of Earthen Jar* mesmerized the bebe, and we were quickly and well fed. The menu changes daily, with a handful of popular repeats (like the Khao Soi); special focus on hyper-local sourcing and nose-to-tail cooking. 

 *vegetarian Indian next door

Either of us would have happily scarfed down three helpings of the blistered corn appetizer (avocado puree + nuoc cham + crispy shallots), but luckily our lack of gluttonous forethought saved us; both entrees were full flavored and well balanced (numbing lamb noodle, Khao soi --> coconut curried noodle & chicken dish). We struck out on the Thai iced tea and sticky rice, but chalk that up to us arriving in the last hour of a tiny restaurant's operation.

I have been rather out of the loop for a bit, so no real shock that I didn't know Chef Brad Greenhill is apparently a big deal, with prior ventures in Boston drawing the attention of The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Gourmet; in Detroit, Righteous Rojo gained attention in 2013 before Katoi broke out in food truck form next to Two James Distillery (2014 Thrillist love here). Check out daily menu before going.

Fun fact: Katoi partners played the ballsy move of advertising staff openings on NYC.

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