Wednesday, July 15, 2015

That One Art Fair Day with Gorgeous Weather...

How's your Art Fair going? Today's visit marked my first without having a work related parking pass - the first in many years. A rude wake-up call, that. I drove to a few places, with cash! money! in my hand, to no avail; bored parking attendants shook their heads at me, "No parking, no parking. Sorrreee." Alas.

Rather than investigating other possibilities, I gave up, drove back home and walked out to the corner for the bus. The buses, naturally, were behind schedule, but I was able to skip across the street to snag an earlier arriving dovetailing route; "Pfffh, artfair," the other passenger muttered as she got on. Between the cloudless day, the rareity of bus travel for me, plus the general sense of being set free (Daddy's Take-the-Dumpling-to-Work Day!), the bus felt like a lark rather than a nuisance. I swung my legs and gazed around. A baby about my Baby's age stared up at me from a stroller; a smile bloomed across her face once I had passed some hidden test.

My first experience upon arriving downtown was watching hordes of pedestrians pour across Division against the light, as halted drivers glared and cursed silently at them. Were the bar for vehicular manslaughter easier to override, it would most certainly happen frequently at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. But good to know behavior holds steady across the years: Classic Art Fair! Made me feel right at home.

I, too, assumed my normal behavior: walking far, darting into the occasional booth, questing. I would like to say I don't revisit those I have mooned about in prior years, but it's simply not true. Moony once, moony often. I like to see how much has changed; and to reconnect, if a connection seems to be there. And I guess on my end, as a new Mom and someone not currently in the 9-5 paid workforce, I can't help looking to see how others are doing it.

Reduction printmaker from Ithaca, NY, Jenny Pope (booth A401) paused when I asked her how she has kept her creative productivity high, with a 1 1/2 year old son. Her pause seemed to say the creative work had never been in question, which made me feel a little silly, but still, it is difficult for many; "Well, I just wore him constantly. There were a few hard months, but then it just...settled in." She gestured to two of the biggest pieces in her booth-- between the two, they filled up one side, "I just did those this year." She could barely fit those through her press, which I think she said was 30x48. Whew! Also new this year -- her painted ceramics.

In addition to Joanna Mueller's new Austin Gallery (mentioned yesterday; booth B332), I found out that Anne Holman (Booth B559), whose map and antique glass (/button) jewelry I always enjoy, also opened a shop with Jen Townsend -- The Smithery in Columbus, OH. They are featuring artist work and also offering classes. How exciting! Holman also had more cast work among her pieces this year.

Amber Harrison, who traveled all the way from Saline, MI (Booth A404) not only had her satisfying moveable fan and rocking chair necklaces, but also had new architectural arch rings in sterling silver, which, when not worn, can be hung in their own brick wall setting, as tiny wall pieces ("Two Floors Up, Arch Window").

Katie Musolff's work (Booth A328) once again knocked my socks off, most especially "Bee Balm," which is just simply gorgeous. Great prickling leaves, long vertical, with a nice ruby deep red blooms at top. I don't know, maybe I should start a kickstarter campaign, to help you help me buy this, plus a few works from the next mentioned artist...It could happen.  She actually remembered me and what I had bought last year, which was a lovely bonus; she said since we're similar ages, and I had bought pieces she was especially proud of...that AND I had spent some time deliberating in her booth AND I kept writing things down. Like I said, mooning about. I showed her a couple Dumpling pictures. While I feel bad this post doesn't really have images, this image search of her name, even with false hits, gives you a good overall sense if her work.

Next to "Crow in Snow"
Kent Ambler? Who I mentioned last week? LOVE HIM. Or his work, rather. His woodcuts were promising online, but to see them in person is just really fantastic. Take "Messenger," for instance. I saw this on pinterest from a few accounts and it looks good, looks cool. But in person, the colors just *POP* -- the butterflies fall just short of glowing --  and you just have no sense of how big it is. It's huge. I absolutely love it. Design back story: His potter friend also happens to be a hoarder, so among other things he has numerous cement deer populating his front yard. One day when his friend was demonstrating "throwing" to a student, Ambler sat nearby sketching, and a crow kept alighting on one of the cement deer. This is his first time at this art fair; he is a full time artist with work in 10 galleries (i.e. American Folk, Art and Light); he usually does about 8 shows per year. Don't miss him! Other booth favorites include: "Tree Top Stop," "The Visitant," "Spring Sparrow," the simplicity of "Crow in the Snow."

If you can't visit directly, pinterest has some other greats: "Visitant," "Enchanted Pine," "Spring Sassafrass," "Evermore," "Journey" here. 2012 ArtPrize entry here.

Enough Art Fair for one day. Javier and Dumpling are in the living room watching Rachel Maddow, from the sound of it. Pending Baby approval, we're going to watch the last episode of Orange is the New Black, or Wolfpack, or perhaps I am Big Bird. Woohoo! Off to sink into the couch. Happy Wednesday, All.

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