Monday, October 3, 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose

A lovely first day off. Very quick to slip into the sleeping in. Hours mysteriously whiled away. A good catch up with Curly Girl, which I won't detail a la Mom call.

Eventually I descended to my favorite basement work bench and noodled around. I had planned on pulling partial prints for the newly arrive small wood panels and for cards, for this weekend's Liberty Local show.

I thought the polar bear from Trouble would work well on a nice 8"x8" panel, so I pulled a few of him. It's been awhile since I have spent time pulling them by hand.  I listened to this Alexi Murdoch song on repeat for a ridiculously long time. Love the lyrics! I get on jags.

So: polar bear, polar bear, polar bear.
 And then when I was pulling the "You" portion from trouble, it occurred to me that this could be a card, with the bottom border. So that was the next step.
double boards! Where will the madness end?

 To conserve paper, I did one on each end of some nice thick Rives paper that I had already cut down. But then these began to beg for things in between them:
So now I think I have some more "rogue prints" going on, rather than the stock of cards I was trying to build up. I haven't listed any of these one-offs, but maybe I will. Maybe the rogues are my new direction, for a bit. They're kind of fun, no? Man, I have gotten so much mileage out of this pushy goose. He pops up in everything. He cracks me up. See also: I crack myself up. 
So maybe tomorrow I'll go back down and do what I had originally tasked myself with doing. Maybe not. 

PJ Harvey Long Snake Moaned me into my second run in a couple days. Sore, but pleased-- let's see what the third day brings. I no longer listen to "Lose Yourself" on the runs, but keep returning to the gospel version when I'm hanging about on el computador. 

Perfect Laughter posted about the upcoming Reclaimed show in Wyandotte, for which I made the headstone piece-- color me geeked! Exciting.

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