Sunday, October 9, 2011

Liberty Local Wind-down

After day two of Liberty Local, I am feeling tired and lazy. The show went really well for me, which was especially nice after several low-sale days elsewhere. I *CAN* sell well! Doggone it, people like me!  Today was definitely more of a mosey than a sprint, but friend visits (yay!) and cool vendors saved the day. I definitely flitted about a bit more, which also resulted in vendors buying from and trading with each other. In case you don't already know, especially when sales slow, we are swapping goods and money in a crafty zero-sum game. With few exceptions, we kinda can't help ourselves.I am sometimes able to be more stoic and money-minded, but temptation+boredom/restlessness*=ah, sweet surrender...

*boredom NOT divided by restlessness.

A few things I did not resist:

Pottery courtesy Janelle Songer, brooch/lapel pins (/hair blooms, if one had hair), court. Deid Goods, Sea Monster! from Andrea Everman. There's another great something, which I can't mention, as it's gifty. I don't think I'm materialistic, but I *do* rather love having pretty things around.

As you can tell, the first photo's a bit overexposed. Here you get a better sense of the glaze, plus the pretty reddish-brown clay at base. Janelle has been working with clay for the past three years. I really enjoy her splashes of color combined with more delicate drawn lines (the delicacy is better conveyed on the glass). She also has some groovy vases that are in the shape of leaves and flowers.

I got to chat with Andrea of Owly Shadow Puppets a little bit, which I was hoping to do. In addition to owning a small laser cutter, with which she creates all her shadow puppets, she also does set design for the Red Moon theater, in the Chicago area. 

"Oh, do you perform, too, do shadow puppet theater?"

"Oh no, I'm shy." She frowns and shakes her head. Which, it makes me think of Jim Henson and the like, because they tend to be shy characters, but they are obscured by the platform stages, so it works out. But this still won't work, I guess. She comes across as somewhat serious, though you can detect a nice, wicked sense of humor threading through some of her pieces. I deliberate over my puppet options.
"Do you need to see what kind of shadow it casts?" What a thoughtful, perfect question!

This is delightful. I want to ask her to demonstrate each one, but I don't want to overstep, or be an nuisance, or seem like I am six years old. 

There's a fun short video of what she does, at the bottom of this post. 

She cited Lotte Reineger as an inspiration-- check out a snippet of the paper cut silhouette animation she made called The Adventures of Prince Achmed or just a Googly image selection -- either is quite impressive.

I seem to be running out of steam, despite my will to hang onto the dredges of vacation time. But tomorrow brings the return of the early morning rise. This morning I dreamed I completely spaced on one of the important daily client reports, delaying it by half a day. Wouldn't happen, but clearly my subconscious was reentering work mode. So be it. 

Off and away, or to bed, to bed~~ Best wishes for a good week to Everyone.   

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