Saturday, October 8, 2011

Liberty Local!

I suppose this is an eleventh hour post, but I have been meaning to put up a couple more pics about the Ann Arbor Art Center's Liberty Local fair....course, I have been spending more time doing prep for it (except for Thursday, when I ran off to the DIA, to catch a changing exhibit, more on that later). If you're in the area, today's the day! And a fine day it should be: it's supposed to reach the 80s. Yayyyyy, last return of the Summer Dress.
The AAC folk have been doing a wonderful job of promoting the event. I have seen thimble posters all over town, plus take-away cards and artists features on Facebook.

For my own part, I decided to break out those smaller wooden panels for a little bit of block print-collagey action:

Have a glorious Saturday, All!

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  1. Love these! I am sure they will sell like cupcakes. : )
    Good luck today!