Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shhh, the Halibut is Resting (see also: Liberty Local)

Why, Hello Again. I've got some time, you've got some time...I have dishes to do and clothes to fold and crafty detritus littering my entire Ranchy house.  Clearly it's time for more bloggage.

I am happy to report that from where I stand, Day One of Ann Arbor Art Center's Liberty Local was a solid success. Traffic waned, but started off gangbusters; and when sales were slow, appreciation was nevertheless evident and...appreciated (dur). Organizers Sam and Amy were enthusiastic cheerleaders throughout, volunteers popped over to see if we needed to go on snack runs, and lovely local friends came through, perused my wares, allowed me to wake their sleeping babies, bought cards and were their supportive sunny selves.

MAN, I think I had lost sight of how very nice it is to sell somewhere close to my house. Love Rust Belt and such venues, but after driving almost an hour, part of me is already tired before I even unload and set up--  or talk to would-be fans, friends, the bizarre and the indifferent. I wasn't exhausted when I got home! I arrived home dinnerish time! Halibut is currently marinating, waiting to transform into a hopefully luscious curry, with yogurt, ground cashews, paprika (odd, Neelam Batra, did you really mean it?), wonderful green cardamom...In the meantime, we have a nice Founders Breakfast Stout. Oh! Also, when I got home, I was faced with this:

Several neighborhood kids in my yard. I slowed my driveway entry. Many halted upon seeing me, including a boy who had been trundling a wheelbarrow rapidly up my sidewalk. I love my neighborhood. I am, however, odd (wo)man out: single/no pets/no god-- so, I lack strong ties with the neighborhood youngins.

"Can we rake your leaves?" Hmm. My yard seemed to be mostly raked. Was this a minor shakedown? Or was I seen as a pity-case/eye sore?  B/c while I am lazy with these matters, my background also makes me loathe to pay someone else for what I would miserably do myself.


Another kid: "It's free!"

Me:"Oh!" Now I was totally confused.

"We're making a huge leaf pile!! In our yard!!"

Me: "Oh! Sure!~~"

Them, emphatically, victoriously: "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!"

Well, alright then. Can't imagine that will happen too often, but pretty awesome.

Weren't you talking about the art thing? WTH. We now you blather, but, g-d.  Well, true. So. To my left was Laura Eckert of Albino Dino. She was doing cute things like snipping fringe into the scarves of long-necked plush dinosaurs. They also sometimes have mustaches and glasses. She also has zombie photos and an elephant, but really, she's on team dino. On my right, Deb of Deid Goods-- she has gorgeous pillows, ipod cases and bags made from felted sweaters. Lovely bright colors, lots of texture and appealing dahlia shapes. One table down was Heather of Bettula -- neat lacquered jewelry from birch bark and small boxes of dried mosses. I love how with table neighbors, it's possible to chat, delve into deeper conversation; and then retreat into more solitary bubbles.

There are so many people I am also tempted to mention, but then this would expand and expand. And while we want the halibut to be sufficiently spiced, we do not wish to eat at 10 PM. Mid-morning I got a text from Ginger that the (NOW LOCAL, kerrazzzy!) Onion had a.)written up Liberty Local   and b.) given me a shout-out, describing me as an "absurdist woodblock printmaker" (LOVE LOVE LOVE). Also given props: Chicago-based Owly Shadow Puppets -- I love the Yeti and dragon especially. But also love the anti-valentine at the Etsy shop "Your crazy emotional needs give my life purpose," which I did not see at her table. Her laser-cut shadow puppets are SUH-WEET.

Aside from my little cards, which usually do pretty well, my "Geese Suspect You Are Withholding" print was the star of the day (at my table, natch). The favorite purchase background I got (which I ALWAYS love) was this: "I MUST have that because I am heartily terrified of geese. I had a very bad experience as a child. And now every morning I go for a walk and there's a gaggle of them. I am convinced one day they are going to launch an attack. But I am ready! I've got my ninja moves ready... This will have pride of place in my home."This was also delivered in a British accent, which we can all agree makes most anything better.

Several people, upon buying this print, confirm a deep fear of geese. I had no idea I was tapping into this well of anxiety (though obviously, I do feel they can be demanding. Swans scare me more. A swan once stole my beach towel when I was studying by a "lake" on the campus of the University of Massachusetts. Aggressive swan! Mean swan!)

I imagine the halibut is sufficiently spiced to take to the next level. I have cashews to grind. Rufus is wondering:

"Why am I always on a plane or a fast train
Oh what a world my parents gave me
Travelin' but not in love

Still I think I'm doin' fine

Wouldn't it be a lovely headline
Life is
Beautiful on a New York Times"

Liberty Local has one more day, tomorrow, noon-5 PM. Maybe I'll see you there, or just online...


  1. Love your post :-) So great to see you and your amazing work today, as always!

  2. Great post... I drove by meaning to stop in today but it was crazy busy around 4:30 p.m.... couldn't find parking that was close enough for my tiredness. Maybe tomorrow. Those felted items sound cool (may need something for the new Iphone 4S!), I already own a Betulla creation, hoping to see the Halloween owl shadow puppet and maybe a sleeping polar bear! I thought your resting halibut was a yet unseen block print -- but the dish sounds even better (leftovers cold on a salad the next day sounds good too!) And the leaf gatherers... how sweet, can you send them my way?!

  3. (puts on art critic spectacles)

    The power of the goose piece is that you have captured the very essence of their menacing yet goofy goosi-ness.

  4. hahaha, I like it Jennifer! What do your spectacles look like? Cat's eyes, I hope. You could pull 'em off. ;)