Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reclaimed Count Down!...And Bunnies Shall Rule the Countryside

Perfect Laughter has been quite good at posting features about the fellow artists who will be in their curated "Reclaimed" exhibit. Initially, I just loved playing around with mixed media for it. Here are the other pieces I affixed to wood panels, but did not use for the show. I think I'll bring them to Art on the Farm at the end of October:
Now, I'm also super geeked to check out all the other artwork! Take, for example: 
  • Stunning -- and hot -- woodblock by Taro Takizawa. It blows me away. See also
  • Strong graphic design goodness from Jeremiah Britton
  • Super-cool process shots on the great mixed media piece by Ryan Weiss, which Christina and Dennis put on the exhibit postcard. Check out a related piece here, one little house, one little inverted tree.
  • There's a trippy, atmospheric collage of screenprints from Megan Frauenhoffer. Check out her body of work here.
Opening reception is on Friday Oct. 21st at the River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, MI.

It will be a busy night, as Valeria Mann's solo installation is also opening at the WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor. Her Fortunes installation at the same gallery is one of my favorite installations ever -- see some snaps here, but they don't adequately convey the feeling that exhibit did. As you walk through all the hanging rows of baby gowns, they brush your shoulders. The delicate old garments, holding such a variety of grim and hopeful messages embroidered in red thread, wonderfully called up all the lives around us -- and how the potential lives, even at their beginnings -- or especially at their beginnings -- are already so tied to class, adult outlooks and expectations...Her new exhibit is titled Evening Gowns for the Midwestern Woman. Attendees are encouraged to show up in evening gowns/prom dresses/etc.


  1. Thank you M for being the designated denzien and bringing cool pics and thoughts on all things happening in the local art world. I being somewhat of a self-imposed shut-in greatly appreciate this as I simply don't have the energy or time for this which I so love. I wonder when your blog is going to make it to a "must read" somewhere in the SE Michigan -- if there is a place to vote - I'd vote for yours!

    I also realize that some things show up well in on-line photos and other equally awesome work may not be well captured in this manner - so the commentary helps in taking a look closer perhaps at what may have originally received only the most cursory of looks. (I do know when possible, it's best to try and see with your eyes -- but life demands proxies at times.)

    I've seen Mann's work - very cool and loved the Fortunes exhibit (seen elsewhere). I really like Ryan Weiss's pieces except for the frames -- but I'm wondering if this is an artistic choice given the story/image -- or if it's just a choice of what's reasonably available/affordable. The process shots were great -- anything with flames adds to the work in my opinion! (I use fire too sometimes - for the tins).

    I like your big panels and can't wait to see them next weekend at Art on the Farm in Dexter -- I especially like the gold star one!

  2. Thank you so, SO much, SBS! But I think you're being too kind -- I write about a handful of things and in a very incomplete manner --but I really, really appreciate your encouragement! And I'm glad that you enjoy it, I like to think of you reading it! I hadn't contemplated weiss's frames, but it's true they don't stand out so much -- but I think your theory makes sense. I look forward to seeing how you'll take over that inner room on Sunday! We should plan an earlyish brunch one weekend day.